We offer all breed dog and cat grooming. All full grooms include, requested haircut, bath, toenails clipped or grinded, ears cleaned and or plucked, teeth cleaning. Anal glands expressed upon request. Full baths include bath, toenails clipped or grinded, ears and teeth cleaned, deshedding and complete brush and comb out. Drop off and pick up times are set at the time the appointment is made. Records are kept of each visit your pet has with us. Type of haircut and shampoo used are recorded as well as warts, skin conditions or any other things that we find during your pets visit.  Pets are usually in and out within 2 to 3 hours.  If your pet needs to spend the day with us they are welcome to and at no additional charge will be walked.  All pets have fresh water and towel in their assigned kennel. Prices below are estimates and can change due to temperament and coat condition. 


Breed Type
 Full Groom 
 Full Bath
Small pure and mixed type breeds such as
Toy poodles
Shi tzu's  
Jack Russells
Scottish Terriers
Medium pure and mixed type breeds such as
Cocker Spaniels
Bully Breeds
Min. Poodles
Wire Fox Terriers
Large pure and mixed type breeds such as
Golden Retrievers
Standard Poodles
Airedale Terriers
Extra Large pure and mixed type breeds such as
Chow Chow


Cat prices vary depending on the services requested. Full shave downs or Lion cuts start at $60 and baths start at $40. Full groom or bath include toenail clipping and ear cleaning. We can also do while you wait services for nails, ear cleaning and comb or shave outs. Cats temperament can determine if services can be performed.

Nail Clipping and Grinding

Toenail clipping is done as a walk in service and cash only. Customers may call to check times of availability. Prices for toenail clipping are $5 and for grinding it is $10.

Cancellation and No Call/No Show Policy

Please respect your grooming appointment time, being as little as 15 minutes late can result in a need to reschedule

We require 24 hours notice for all cancellations

No call/No show will result in a $25 charge due at the time of your next made appointment

We understand emergencies occur and or plans change, we do give reminder phone calls to ensure we can accommodate any changes that arise 


We reserve the right to refuse service for any cause due to temperament or condition of the pet. We ensure that every pet is taken care of in the safest way, this also includes the safety of the groomer. The Groomer must be notified immediately if your pet has any history of aggressive or behavioral issues.    

Please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions. Please keep in mind we do not make appointments through email. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.